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2012 Miscellaneous
November – Swanson/Girod Families / Erik+Wanda
July – August
Evening Garden in June

Oregon Visit – July 2012
(most photos taken by Dan Craig)
At the Little North Fork
A visit to Nancy and Gary
Oregon Coast
Lobster Feed

Maine – June 2012

Goats and Pigs at the Jones Farm
Goats and Pigs

Maple Tree
Maple Tree

Debbi and Lisa Visit – March 2012
Debbi and Lisa Visit
Party @ Irene’s

Washington D.C Trip 2011
Travel and Tussauds
Dinner and Games
Downtown and Mt. Vernon

Party Time 2011
Party @ Irene’s 2011

Wanda and Erik – Summer 2011
Wanda and Erik – Summer/Fall 2011

A Trip to Quebec – June 2011
Around the Apartment
Around Quebec City
Ties That Bind

Kids Visit -November 2010
Hanging Out
Anniversary Party
Ping Pong Party

2009 Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous 2009 Photos

Camping at North Lake – 2009
Rainy Days Camping

Party at Lori’s

Erik’s Public Talk
At the Kingdom Hall

Wanda and Erik’s Apartment in Brooklyn
Moving In

Mount Beacon – December 13, 2008
Mt. Beacon Ice Storm Part 1
Mt. Beacon Ice Storm Part 2

Erik & Wanda Wedding – December 6, 2008
Planning for the Wedding
Gathering Before the Rehearsal
The Rehearsal
The Rehearsal Dinner
The Wedding- Heidi Blacker Photos
The Wedding – Diane Powell Photos
A Gathering After the Reception
During the Wedding Week

Mulberry Square
33 Mulberry Square

Irene’s Family Party
Party Part 1
Party Part 2

Dinner at Nippon
Dinner at Nippon with the Suns

Museum of Modern Art

Maine 2008
Around the House
35th Anniversary Party
A Day at the Beach
More Maine

Family Photos 2007
Family Photos 2007-1
Family Photos 2007-2

Maine 2007
A Visit to Maine 2007

Oregon 2007
Couples & Siblings
Gates Firehouse
Secret Beach
Oregon 2007

Wanda Visit 2007
Wanda 2007

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